What I Want

Adolescence is the beginning,
Adolescence is the start.
It’s my time to start planning,
to keep my life from falling apart.

When I reach middle age
When I reach middle age,
I want to be wealthy,
I want to be content
and I want to be healthy.

And when the years catch up to me
I want to be set,
I do not want any regrets
nor have any debts.

By: Zach Jones
April 26, 2006

In Zach’s Case

Nobody knows why things like this happen.
Nobody wanted it to.
Nobody knows why they are put on the earth,
Nobody knows when they will be taken off.

Everyone knows that they are here for a reason,
But nobody knows what.
Everyone knows that life has to end,
But nobody knows why.
Everyone knows that someone has to go at some point,
But nobody wants it to be a friend.

In Zach’s case,
He was everyone’s friend.
In Zach’s case,
He didn’t get to live long.
In Zach’s case,
He lived a wonderful life.
In Zach’s case,
He taught us to live life not caring about ourselves but for other people.
Because in Zach’s case,
That’s all the time he was judged on.
In Zach’s case,
He lived more of a full life than some of us ever will.
In Zach’s case,
He brought an entire city together.

So to you Zach Jones,
We love you.
So to Zach Jones,
We will miss you.
But Zach,
We will see you in heaven.

— Jessica Lavachery