promoting education through rabies awareness, research and funding scholarships

The Zach Jones Memorial Fund is founded to remember,
celebrate, and give thanks for the extraordinary life of
Zachary Ross Jones, who lived more fully, loved more
unselfishly, and blessed more lives than should have been
possible in his sixteen short years. Zach planned his life with
remarkable vision. In life, Zach earned the respect and
admiration of his family, friends, teachers, coaches, and casual acquaintances. Through this fund, may his eternal flame live on to help others with similar vision and goals to become tomorrow's heroes.

The Zach Jones Memorial Fund is proud to announce the 2020 scholarship recipients. Mikinlee Hattoy and Ryan Huberty were the recipients of a $5,000 award and DJ Murchison was the recipient of the $1,500 Fighting Heart Award. All recipients are graduates of Atascocita High School.

2016 Zach Jones Memorial Fund Scholarship Winners

Left to Right:
1) Bradya Rice $5000.00 - Academic Scholarship Winner
2) Logan Stumpt $1500 - The Zach Jones Fighting Heart Award
3) Hannah Sanders $5000.00 - Academic Scholarship Winner


The Zach Jones Memorial Fund strives to raise funds in order to assist with educational awareness, early detection, and ultimately the cure for rabies. The Fund also grants scholarships to graduating seniors from the Atascocita High School.

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"Check out our channel on You Tube - lots of short videos about Zach Jones,
his friends and how you too can help yourself and those you love."

Stop Rabies Poster Contest
The Zach Jones Memorial Fund has been sponsoring a "Rabies Awareness and Prevention Poster Contest" since 2009! This contest is a fun and creative way to educate students about rabies risks and about ways to prevent rabies exposures and infections. Texas students in K-12th grade are eligible to participate. High school students have the option of digital or traditional (non-digital) art. The deadline for poster submission is April 10, 2020.

Click on the following links to learn more about
Rabies and the research being done.
To learn more about rabies in Harris County, Texas please visit
Harris County Public Health & Environmental Services.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Prevention, Control & Treatment of Pet Diseases
World Health Organization
World Rabies Day
Texas Dept. of State Health Services


The Zach Jones Memorial Fund is a corporation based in Humble, Texas with the purpose as described in its Mission. The Fund is a qualified tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and all donations are tax deductible under section 170 of the code.

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Donations are encouraged from gracious individuals, small businesses, corporations, and other organizations to support the Zach Jones Memorial Fund.
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